November 2017

It’s been intense but getting towards the end now. Officially the last day is 09.12.17.
-Lessons: 7 of 8 completed
-Assignments: 3 of 4 completed

Location Rebel

A really tough month with the hardest conversation of my life on 05.11.17.  I’m having to deal with a lot of loss this year and I’m getting tired of bouncing back.

Saw a nice quote which reminded me of Ruby:
“Winners forget they’re in a race, they just love to run.”

Naughty Boy – Runnin’ (Lose it all)
Say Something – A Great Big World


October 2017

Bob Proctor monthly affirmation:
I am so happy and grateful now that… things are falling perfectly into place – with more opportunity, success and joy than ever before.

Location Rebel
No work developing this at the moment while working on CELTA.

Two assignments and four lessons completed and on week seven so just about at the halfway point.

House Move
I have moved my belongings over and have a key although will not move in officially until 01.11.17. It feels like a positive move for me and looking forward to it.

It’s been a busy month with the CELTA and work. I’ve been booking a day a week off work to make sure I complete my teaching but it’s very intense. At the half way point now though so looking forward to being nearly finished at the end of this month.

I missed a couple of drum lessons as just so busy and tired. I’ll hopefully get back into this as things settle down towards the end of the CELTA course.

I’ve had less time to think about moving on from certain people but things are getting easier even though it remains tough and I’m missing her. It’s important for me to remember it wasn’t right and not to contact her even though I want to.

September 2017

Bob Proctor monthly affirmation:
I’m so happy and grateful now that … I have increasing joy, wealth and fulfillment in my life.

I began a teaching course which is going fine although it does highlight just how little I know about the English language.

I have struggled to find the time to do much work outside the course but keeping up with things at the moment. I taught my first 10 minute lesson on 27.09.17 about places that the students like. I felt like it went fine.

I’ll need to put more time aside to complete the lesson plans and assignments coming up but hopefully it’ll work out.

Location Rebel
I’ve not spent any time with my websites this month as been too busy with work and CELTA.  I’ve not been pitching for work and only had a few looks on my site so it’s pretty much at a standstill for now.

I wrote three articles at the start of the month so only earned $45. I will publish these articles on my blog but have only done so once this month. I’ll try to do this weekly to hopefully help with the SEO aspects of keeping my blog active.

Vitor Frankl – Man’s Search for Meaning
I started reading this book and a few pages stuck out:

“I understood how a man who has nothing left in this world still may know bliss, be it only for a brief moment, in the contemplation of his beloved. In a position of utter desolation, when man cannot express himself in positive action, when his only achievement may consist in enduring his sufferings in the right way—an honorable way—in such a position man can, through loving contemplation of the image he carries of his beloved, achieve fulfillment.”

New Hone
I’m making arrangements to move into a new home this month. I visited 26 September and liked the place so agreed to move in on 29 October. This will give me time to sort out/sell some of my items.

Couple of songs have stuck out for me this month:

The Dance – Garth Brooks
Learning to Live Again – Garth Brooks
Miss You Night – Cliff Richard

I also posted a couple of tweets about how men are the real romantics (1100+) and how men love idealistically, women opportunistically (4000+)! Clearly such things hit a nerve with other men out there.

It’s been a tough month. Things are getting worse before they’ll get better.

August 2017

Location Rebel
Purchased Location Rebel on 01.08.17 ($497 / £389.46) and managed to get a website up and running quickly. Got my first job on 15.08.17 and earned $75 for five 500 word articles. That’s a little bit cheap but the articles were easy and it was good to get that first job under my belt.

I worked through the beginner and content writing blueprints. I will continue to pitch for work but try and explore copywriting and Hobby Hacking in September. The attempts to set up mastermind groups don’t seem to be working out well so might just be something I need to opt out of. My worry is that they just become forums to talk rather than actually work anyway.

I found one of my ghostwritten articles online which is on a female only website attributed to a woman who sells herself as a freelance writer. It makes me wonder if everything online is a lie!

Bob Proctor monthly affirmation:
I’m so happy and grateful now that … I have an abundance of opportunities to create the life I want.

Steven Pressfield – The War of Art
I read this book in just a day. It’s not very big and I had heard Joe Rogan talk about it on his podcast. It’s interesting and short so I ended up plowing through it quickly. There were two quotes that stuck with me:

The Bhagavad-Gita tells us we have a right only to our labor, not to the fruits of our labor. All the warrior can give is his life; all the athlete can do is leave everything on the field.

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic, and power in it. Begin it now.” Goethe

Jordan B Peterson Maps of Meaning.
I watched the first two lectures on YouTube and will continue to watch the rest. Very interesting and thoughtful content.

Work continues to go fine. Starting to get my caseload up now with some significant work but also still plenty of time to myself which is the main thing. I sometimes have thoughts of just buying into and accepting the standard work, 9 to 5 lifestyle but I know deep down I’d never be happy. Developing a remote lifestyle with passive income is how I want to live.

The CELTA course is due to start in the middle of next month. I have some preparation I need to do around grammar as well as pay up front and in general I’m looking forward to it.

A school friend’s (who died last year) younger brother had a stroke and was in intensive care.

A friend I met on the Camino last year also had a stroke. She’s 27 and in hospital undergoing lots of tests. Makes me realise how fragile life is and the importance of doing what you can to maintain your health.

My drumming lessons were fun this month. One bad one where I hadn’t practiced but also one great one where a few things ‘clicked’. I also got some sticks and a practice pad which I’ve been carrying around with me.

Finally, “only in the agony of parting do we look into the depths of love.” George Eliot

July 2017

My first month back at work has gone fine. The first paycheck in 12 months was great, a little money coming in instead of going out was a relief as I was on virtually zero savings.

I’d written that I was going to try to work on the free advice from Location Rebel to earn the €500 joining fee then opt in. However, I’ve been in touch with Sean Ogle and others who have used LR successfully so I think I’m just going to join upfront now. In August they do a promotion for three days so I’ll also get some extras if I join now.

I signed up for Upwork and promptly got rejected after 20 minutes! I’ve not followed this up but intend to when I get chance. I also signed up at but never heard back. I’d be surprised if I failed the grammar test but you never know!

I published a post with ‘my perfect day’ as suggested by one of the free emails from LR. It was strange writing it down and thinking about it as I realised that actually my day is not a million miles away from how I’m living now. My 9 to 5 job comes with a bit of freedom and ability to control my own time and I’m also good at my job so can make it look like I’m working harder than what I am. I therefore have a bit of flexibility about start/end times and just how much I’m actually working. However, it’s still that tie to an employer I want to get away from.

I applied for a classroom based CELTA course and was accepted following an interview mid-month. It starts mid-September, costs £1150 and would finish early December. I’ve also enquired about the EPIK programme (TEFL in Korea) and have the application forms. I’m certain this is a good career move for me so will sign up for the CELTA and complete the EPIK application in the near future.

I read and watched Bob Proctor’s ‘You Were Born Rich’ book and seminar and found it great for motivation around positive thinking. I can sometimes drift into negative/defeatist thinking so this programme is a good resource for me until the positive mindset/abundance thinking comes a bit more natural to me.

I’ve been carrying and referring to my goal card which was an idea I got from Bob Proctor/Earl Nightingale.

I was thinking of updating this on a monthly basis as the £300,000 figure was a rough estimate but I’ve been more specific with it since I wrote that card. My thinking is that I’ll retire when I’m 68 years old and I need £1000 a month expenses. As I’m 43 years old now and figuring there are 289 months from August 2017 until my 68th birthday that works out as £289,000. Obviously this will decrease by £1000 every month and I won’t stop earning/working when I reach that figure but it appeals to me as a comfort figure and a realistic but also worthwhile goal to achieve.

Finally I started a series ‘You Think, You Are’ which is essentially paraphrasing James Allen ‘As A Man Thinketh’. This is for writing practice, accountability and motivation.

About me

Growing up in the UK during my younger years in the 70’s and 80’s I was always the happy-go-lucky one. I had a great family and group of friends and while there was no money around, no one really cared because no one had any money.

Education came easy to me and I was able to get reasonable grades so in my 20’s, (when the government still gave university grants) I ended up at university. Qualified in a nothing subject I topped that up with a basic teaching certificate and ended up earning £15 an hour at a local college. Good money for a working class lad in the mid 90’s so I ended up working about 8 hours a week and earning roughly what my friends were earning for a 40 hour week in the local factories.

I was a bit restless so ended up going back to university for another three years on a government sponsored course and so received a reasonable bursary/living allowance. That ended early 2000 and for the next four years I ended up in another teaching position working four days a week and earning a relatively comfortable living. I still had huge debts but I earned enough to cover minimum payments and spend the rest having fun.

The work never really appealed to me so as I entered my 30’s I went back to university (government sponsored, so fees paid again) for yet another course to change my profession. After qualifying I moved to Scotland and settled into my new career for the next eight years.

I’d now crossed into my 40’s and that happy-go-lucky child had turned into a fat, tired and depressed middle-aged man. I was exhausted and stressed from work and could see no end in sight. I was taking home about £2000 a month at this point so I budgeted to spend £1000 and save £1000 a month so I could take a year’s sabbatical from work. I saved just about £20,000 and in 2016 at age 42 I took a year off work. This would be the answer to all my problems:

– I’d travel and rest to feel refreshed;
– I’d get a new exciting career;
– I’d get back to that happy-go-lucky attitude I’d lost along the way;
– I’d get in shape.

Perfect! Only none of this happened. I did travel a bit, I lost a bit of weight, I met a couple of friends here and there and I managed to sleep in on a few days.

But here I am writing this in July 2017, approaching my 44th birthday, unhappy with just about every aspect of my life and back at the 9 till 5. I need out of the job so that I can live my life on my terms and the only way I can see to do that is to become a digital nomad.